Hello! I’m Kara!
Let’s be friends!
I’m a researcher that uses evidence-based methods and behavioral
economic theory to build effective products and programs that feel
seamless and intuitive. Some of my proudest moments include
devising a system to design rules of thumb* and helping an
ailing paneer co-op boost sales by incorporating flavor infusions
into their cheese.
*a rule of thumb is a simple, memorable,
actionable statement that can be used to
reduce complex information into simple
choices that help individuals take action.


Check out my CV below. You can also read
a few lovely notes from my former colleges and further details about my experience
on my Linkedin page.

Work Samples

The large part of my work is owned by host organizations (stealing is bad!) but here are a few work samples for your reading pleasure. I’m happy to send STATA samples upon request.

Global Data Analysis Graduate Work

India Country Analysis
International Trade
Country Risk Analysis

Seasonal Fluctuations in Food Insecurity and
Related Coping Mechanisms in Rural Rajasthan


Climate Change Strategies for Religious Environmentalists

Full Paper
Abridged Paper

Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues

Ecosystem Services
Community Gardens

The Heights, The Independent Student Newspaper of Boston College, Op-ed Selections

Texas Curriculum
Nation Building
French Niquab

Want to hire me, collaborate, or simply learn how to make samosas?
Send me an email at Kaminski.Kara@gmail.com